How Technology Makes Lives Easier and Cheaper

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We live in the digital age. Some call it the future. And while, as a culture, we disagree on a lot, we can all agree on this: living in the future is pretty cool. Technological advances have made our lives much simpler…and cheaper! It’s true that all of the technology we love so much requires […]

A Good Idea to See What Works Online

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Ecommerce is a great way to reach a bigger audience with your business. The web allows you to get in touch with thousands of people interested in your products and services, so having an ecommerce portal functioning can be a great way to increase profits. However, ecommerce takes a certain finesse in practice. You need […]

Higher Studies in Veterinary Science in India


Don’t we just love having pets around us? Playing with them, taking care of them. What could be more interesting than studying about them? Knowing about how we can treat them if they are in any kind of problem! Studying veterinary science gives us the opportunity to know more about these non-human animals. Higher studies […]

5 Android 6.0 Features You Don’t Want to Miss


Whether your mobile device already uses Android 6.0 or you’re still waiting for Google to roll out a version for your manufacturer, learning about the operating system’s best new features will help you get more out of your smartphone. Start by exploring these five Android 6.0 features that you don’t want to miss. Conveniently Access More […]

Cyware: The Force Multiplier in Cyber Security

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In Greek mythology, King Sisyphus was tasked by God to roll a stone uphill only to let it fall down and then keep repeating it till eternity. In principle the job of cyber security professionals is somewhat similar. Ask any security professional and he will explain how he is fighting an unconventional war with a […]

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review


Having the capability to record video footage directly from your screen will allow you to really tap into a ton of new options. Needless to say, you could record your very own video guides or tutorials, but on top of that you could also save Skype calls, webinars, and other online streaming video too. Because […]

Your Smartphone Is Too Important to Take for Granted


Earlier this year at a gathering of tech and art enthusiasts, the Intercept quotes President Obama as saying: If your argument is strong encryption no matter what, and we can and should create black boxes, that, I think, does not strike the kind of balance we have lived with for 200, 300 years, and it’s […]